Thomas Rozario 68 Years (Trump-horn Player)

A very prolific player of a rare instrument and a senior member of the Cine Musicians Union, Chennai. Now retired and living in Chennai with no source of income.

Vijaya Sekhar 68 Years (Music Director)

A very senior member of Cine Musician Union, Chennai. He had given music to a few films also like Bharath Bandh. Living in Chennai now.

L Rajappa 81 years (Tabalist/ Percussionist)

One of the senior most musicians in Kerala. He is an accomplished percussionist and he had played in many recording sessions. He had played Mridangam, Tabala in atleast ten thousand stage shows, dance programmes, drama etc. Now living in Trivandrum old age related problems.

L Ramakrishnan 83 years (Junior Playback Singer)
Mrs.Prema 65 years (Playback singer)

A prominent singer of Kerala in the 60's and 70's. Had sung in many films and used to accompany Dr.K.J.Yesudas in his concerts. Now living in Calicut with no source of income.

Mrs.Vijayalakshmi Sharma 71 years (Play Back Singer)

Mrs.Vijayalakshmi Sharma is a very famous play back singer of yesterdays. She is a Top Grade artist in AIR.Now living in Hyderabad.

Mr.R.Gowarthanam 88 years (Play back Singer)

Mr.Gowardhanam is a play back singer and music assistant.He was the conductor for so monay songs for Sri Ilayaraja. Now living in Selam in with no income and health issues.

Mrs.Vasanthi.T K (Machat Vasanthy) 74 years (Play back Singer)

Mrs.Vasanthi is a singer of yesterdays. She had sung in a few films.Also a noted drama singer and was the main female support for the concerts of M.S.Baburaj Master. Now living in Calisut. No known income.

Mr.T.Panduranga 77 Years (Violinist)

A very senior member of cine musicians union(C.M.U) chennai and an accomplished violinist of chennai music industry. At present Living in Chennai with health issues and an ailing wife.

Mr.Bombay S Kamal Singer & Music Director

Mr.Bombay S kamal was a play back singer and music director.He joined the industry as a playback singer and sung in  films and music composed in 14 films,serials and forty music albums. He had sung in hundreds of concerts and is known for the rendering of Mohammad Rafi songs. Passed away in April 2015.

Mrs.Thankam Rachel 68 Years ( Singer)

Mrs.Thankam Rachel is a singer of yesteryears.She had sung in  very few films,but she was very active in the drama industry.She had sung in many  concerts and was a permanent fixture in concerts of the famed composer M.S.Baburaj till his death. Now living in calicut in with health issues, no income and a sick husband.

Mr.Manoharan 69 Years (Singer, Music Director, Conductor)

Mr.Manoharan is a play back singer and music assistant.He joined the industry in 1973 as a playback singer and sung in about 20 films and a few private albums and many dramas.He joined the renowned music director Mr.Johnson as his recording assistant for about 300 films in a span of about thirty years.Now retired from the industry and settled down in kerala.He is having financial problems and no income.

Mr.S.K. Surendran 75 Years (Junior Playback artiste)

A very senior artiste and a chorus singer and a member of CMU  chennai for 35 years
He is living in chennai with very serious health issues and financial problems.

Smt.Rajam Rajagopal 75 Years (Cine Singer, Junior Singer and Music Teacher)

A very senior member of CMU chennai and a junior playback artiste.she is also a karnatic classical vidhwan and a music teacher.
She is now living in chennai,lost her husband and have no children.she is having health issues and financial problems.

Mr. Balan 69 Years (Tablist)

A highly accomplished tabla player of chennai film music industry known as 'tabla balan'.he had played in thosands of film recordings and a member of CMU chennai for 35 years.
He is now living in chennai and sufferd a stroke.he cannot play the tabla any more and does not have any source of income

Smt C.R.Lalitha Junior Artiste / Chorus Singer

She is the wife of late mr.renga rao famous music director of yesteryears.she was also a junior artiste and a chorus singer.a member of CMU chennai for the last forty years she had participated in many film recordings.
Passed away in April 2015

Mr.Vijayakumar Manuel Piano / Keyboard Artiste

One of the greatest piano and keyboard players this country had produced. Present day composers like A.R.Rehman, Mony sharma etc were his understudies. He worked for famous composer ilayaraja as his main keyboard player for 35 years without a break, and a senior member of CMU. Passed away in July 2015.

Mr.K.Sakthivel 77 Years (Harmonium Player)

A very senior harmonium player and member of C.M.U had played in hundreds of song recording sessions and worked for leading music directors of south india.
At present down with terminal illness

Mr.Hilton Xavier 64 Years (Violinist)

A very senior member of cine musicians union(c.m.u) chennai and an accomplished violinist of chennai music industry.
Bed ridden for the last ten years with a stroke. No source of income.

Sarathchandra Marate Vocalist & Music director

One of the most celebrated vocalist and teacher of hindustani music in kerala. An array of noted musicians in kerala were his students .An accompolished tablist and flustist
He was suffering from alzhemiers disease and other age related problems . He passed away in aug 2013 at the age of 90.

Mr.A.K Sukumaran 76 Years (Playback Singer)

One of the most prominent singers of north kerala. Recorded and released many songs in malayalam films. Also sang non film songs and drama songs.
At present living in Badagara, Kerala. Suffering from heart ailments and n source of income.

Smt. A.Rukmani 79 Years (Junior playback artiste)

A junior play back artiste and chorus singer of south indian film music industry for about 50 years and a member of C.M.U.
Now living in chennai and suffering from age related problems

Smt L.Vijayalakshmi 68 Years (Junior playback and thampura artiste)

A member of cine musicians union chennai for the last 40 years and participated in hundreds of film music recordings in chennai.
Now living in chennai alone and suffering from age related issues, No income.

Mr. Lazer 88 Years ( Harmonist and singer)

The first recipient of the trust's lifetime pension scheme.a brilliant harmonist ,singer and a music teacher belonging to a bygone generation.he is a musician for the last 65 years!
Now living in Anchal, Kerala and suffering from old age ailments.

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